Sleep Apnea Testing

A recent survey has shown that sixty-seven percent of adults haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years. While the factors may be endless, you could suffer from sleep apnea. Do you have sleep apnea? The only way to truly know is to have a sleep test. Sleep For Life Atlanta uses the most advanced technology for sleep testing, which allows you to sleep in your own bed! The test is a non-invasive test, where you simply have to wear a device on your wrist about the size of a watch and place a monitor on your finger, that’s it!

Sleep Apnea Testing

Studies have shown that around 25% of men and 10% of women have sleep apnea, out of which around two-thirds of those patients go undiagnosed because they never receive a sleep apnea test.

During the sleep apnea test, your heart, brain activity, breathing, sleep cycle, and more are all monitored while you sleep. The device records all of this information and is viewed by our sleep specialist. The test can further distinguish whether you have obstructive, central, or complex sleep apnea.

What Happens After Your Diagnosis?

After your sleep test, the sleep specialist at Sleep For Life Atlanta will review your sleep data. This data will help to determine which treatment option is right for you. We will show you your sleep information and explain to you what is happening to your body while you sleep. We will also make our recommendations and design a treatment plan specific to your unique needs. Once we have a treatment option in place, we will discuss your options as to how to improve your sleep.

Let’s Work Together!

Say goodbye to sleepless nights! Come visit us today for a consultation and start sleeping great again. Imagine a night of sleeping without tossing and turning and waking up feeling refreshed and energized. With the help of Sleep For Life Atlanta, you can do just that. Call today to learn more.